Thursday, January 28, 2010

Green HTPC


The eco-friendly-crusaders lower your flags for a moment to consider Design Hara’s green HTPC. Let me hit you straight with the specs: recyclable green chassis of the PC handcrafted (side panels) from cypress wood from Italy or rose wood from Canada; front cover of this computer can be made from natural sheep leather. The internal segments of the PC are connected by a bolts and nuts structure, making it easier to separate so recyclable e-waste can be removed.

The unit is compatible with Mini-ITX small motherboards,and uses only a third of the energy consumed by desktop computers. It also features HDMI and DVI outputs and has an Intel Core2Duo processor, 4GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive.

More on this eBeauty here.
Designers: Design Hara

Floater Concept Mobile


Sometimes you’re looking around and you get a speck of something in your eyeball sight line. It goes all over with your eye as you move your glazzies about! This is sort of like that, only it’s a cellphone. Designer Mac Funamizu totaled the amount of time he’s got his cellphone sitting on his desk for all to see to be 80% of his day. Lots of time for aesthetic beauty and interactive loveliness. This phone aims to please.

Focusing on the time the phone isn’t living in a pocket or helping a head communicate only adds up to 20% of Funamizu’s day. Other than that, it’s desk time. This phone is named “Floater” after the surfing maneuver. Don’t be dunking it in water anytime soon though, not H2O safe!

Floater A sits still on the table unless there’s a call, at which time it nods or rotates.

Floater B doesn’t move in the same way as A, instead having a supporter on the back to make the oval body stand nicely on a flat surface. Sliding the supporter the other way reveals a physical keyboard.

Designer: Mac Funamizu

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nova Concept DSLR Camera

The ergonomic shaped Nova DSLR concept camera features two foldable extension arms that provide the convenience of holding the camera during shooting, while giving the user the feel of grabbing a PS joystick. The folding handle design not only gives the camera an extraordinary look, but also offers convenient one-handed shots to the adventurous photo-shooters in various rough conditions through having all the controls button right onto the extension handle. Moreover, unlike the traditionalDSLR cameras, the off-center weight balancing of this camera has been envisioned in a better and more efficient way to ensure maximum shooting performance.

Designer : Erin Fong

Lighting Battery

The light is within it, yes within its body, oh so comfy and cozy that you can hardly make out its presence. The idea is to incorporate a minitype LED within the traditional AA or AAA battery sans fuss. This is because you may just want to use a mini flashlight at the drop of a hat or because “Lighting Battery” exists. Whatever the reason, it’s a swanky concept and designer Lu Yi presents a fantastic argument to support the case. May the light be with you…..

Lu Yi says:

    The structure of the lighting battery is quite simple. We change nothing in the traditional battery structure, but install the minitype LED in the opening of the separatrix of anode and cathode on the top (or bottom) of the battery and conceal the conductive foil beneath the battery package film, which simplifies on/off function. The advantages of such an easy structure are as follows:

        * Nothing has been changed in the traditional battery structure and changes in the production process of lighting batteries are slight. Therefore, it is easy for production.
        * The lighting structure does not occupy any battery space and consequently it will not have any impact on the capacity of the battery.
        * The increased parts are minitype LED and conductive foil, which are cheap. Therefore, the production cost is comparatively low.
        * LED boasts a pretty long service life, so recycling is achievable and it is more environmentally friendly. We can see that such low costs and tiny amelioration may enhance so many new functions of a battery.

Designer: Lu Yi

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Philco PC

Did you notice the sudden retro wave that’s hit most ID designers? It’s like they’ve gone nostalgic and strung an emotional cord with gadgets from the past. The Philco PC here is a prime example of such inspirations, totally reminiscent of the 1954 design classic Philco Predicta! Indulge in it for the aesthetic value, as for the specs…yea it does host Windows 7. But then again we’re here for the love of design, specs can take a hike for the moment!

Designer: SchultzeWORKS designstudio

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Litl Web-Book

Litl Web-Book is an innovative and intuitive device that has made surfing the internet easier and more joyous than ever. The simple and plain main navigation screen will immediately let the users know how to use it. Usual computer administrative debris like icons, menus and folders has been eliminated and a built-in browser has been integrated right into the user interface to ensure convenient browsing. No need to resized or juggling with overlapping windows with its constant full screen view and wherever you are right now just hitting the blue litl button will get you back to your homepage. Litl is designed to maintain itself by dealing with updates, plug-ins, patches, fixes and other stuff automatically. This Web-Book is ultra portable and lightweight. Moreover, it features a built-in handle for easy grabbing and carrying throughout the home. It features HDMI compatibility which will allow you to plug it into your TV to see everything bigger.

Designer: Litl

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Zune Phone

I know a lot of you out there are just waiting for the Zune phone – Microsoft’s answer to the current king of multitouch telephonic devices. Until they actually confirm, check out the Zune Contact concept by Adam Huffman. He’s revamped the interface, made the body madly thin, slapped on a 5 MP camera and went all touchscreeny. Sure it’s just pie-in-the-sky now but who knows, something similar may come from Redmond Washington. Oh BTW, that big white button at the bottom is really a soft cushy thumb rest. . . yeah.

Designer: Adam Huffman

Vif Argent Yacht

The Vif Argent Yacht combines the principles of foiler and glider so that you can have smooth sailings at high speeds with maximum efficiency. Killer combo, right! The boat floats on its hull while at rest and then deploys its gliders during acceleration, to help attain high speeds (over 50 knots). To ensure the smooth ride, the cabin is actually cruising above the waves at a height. The suspension system, which is integrated into glider folding arms, absorbs the shocks and vibrations of the wave impact.

Propulsion is made of two high performance diesel engines, to provide power and fuel efficiency.

Designer: SVDesign

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hussar Dakar Rally Vehicle

The Hussar Dakar, a swift and agile concept rally vehicle, has been designed like a Winged Cavalry that applies similar principles of adaptability, self-sufficiency and mobility of an aggressive creature. The wings feature advanced winged energy restoration system that creates constant kinetic energy and strategically distributes the energy to different elements of the vehicle when running. Moreover, the system contributes incredible air breaking power to the vehicle when all wings are turned in and upright. This unique shape of the car can surely affect psychologically to the opponents with the raw and vicious clatter of the rear mounted wings on the race track.

Designer: Klaud Wasiak

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fleksimus Camera

Fleksimus Camera features a flexible tube fitted with a lens on one end, while the other end hooks on to a compact viewfinder or 3” Color Display. It captures both still pictures and video; promising to take photography to a whole new level! Sporting a very minimal style, the unit features bare-minimum controls. Even tho specs are not given, I can only imagine how the flexible tube will allow me to take pictures from impossible angles.

Designer: Art Lebedev

E-book Reading Device

For someone who stares at a monitor for most part of the day, an e-book reader is not such a novelty. No matter how convenient it may be, but at the end of the day it’s still a screen! Can anything replace the smell of fresh, crisp paper? Alas, this is 2010 and the gadget-freaks are going to want more “tech” stuff, and this Library e-book Reading Device caters to their whims. It simulates actual page flipping (by rotating two mechanical rollers at the edge), features multi-touchscreen for bookmarks (no dog-ear pages!) that become visible when the book is closed.

While the Bookmarks are featured on the front page of the Library, the back hosts the index for all the loaded books. The system gets funkier with the “keyboard mode”, where it simulates a laptop, allowing you to browse though a virtual bookshelf and online stores.

From what I see, most e-books try and replicate the experience of reading traditional books. But from experience I can say, that it’s easier to throw a book at your lazy spouse, than an e-book; especially in a fit of rage!

Designer: Steve Yang, Yang ze-siao?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mystery and Moontek Watches

Industrial designer Jacques Fournier has designed two ultra-modern watches that are excellent in both aesthetical and functional aspects. The Mystery is a futuristic watch that features four different time zones in separate crown. Aside from the convenience of getting time for four different places, this watch is really unique all the way including the strap. Secondly, the Moonteck design has been inspired by space traveling and contains jumping hour feature including the usual Tourbillon, a token of high-end watch-making. Both thewatches are envisioned to become a part of the daily life of stylish and lavish user group and holding the key to optimum effectiveness.

Designer: Jacques Fournier

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Audi Allivictus

Concept cars is what everybody needs in the future. You bet. This right here is a futuristic vision of the Audi cell car set up on independent axles and center turning drive shafts. All of the insides hidden in a fabulously eye-meltingly nice carbon body. Transport you and you loved ones around in style and safety. It’s a must.

You think Audi’d market this fabulous auto?

Electric motors inside the wheels, L:4220mm, W:1980mm, H:1350mm. Airflow around the wheel body work and axle engineered to create high downforce, aerodynamic shapes for a more fluent drive. Made of a combination of recyclable polymer materials and “progressive strong carbon fiver surfaces according to F1 construction.” Camera system monitors situation around the vehicle and notifies the passengers accordingly.

And a fantastic kinetic energy recovery system.

Designer: David Polasek