Friday, September 25, 2009

Playstation 4 Clear

Forget all your Playstation 3s. Forget your Playstation 3 thin models with multiple lovely colors, forget even the earlier design by this same designer, Tai Chiem, that PSP 2 concept he whipped up last year, no! Check this thang out. It’s the Playstation 4. Tai Chiem’s Playstation 4 concept: that’s how you know it’s wild. And with clear material and minimalistic aesthetics in play, you’ve got one Tai-tastic amalgamation, to be sure.

BONUS: that other spaceshippy looking thing is his “xbox 720.” Lollers! I’m reminded of the comic on Penny Arcade where they first talk about the xbox controller being harder to hold than a grizzly bear. It’s HUGE!

SO! PS4! What’ve we got here? Bluetooth integration, plastic/glass backs and middles. LCD screen(s) on both the controller and the system itself. The same classic aesthetic bone structure for the controller that PS has always had. The same ability to turn the system on it’s side (I always thought that was a super-simple super-genius feature of the PS series.) And the continuation of the standard “CD” disk size for games.

I’m hoping for the games to come in cube form, allowing you to just scan the cube for a new game. How cool would that be? Totally cool.

Designer: Tai Chiem

"BlueZero" Mercedes Benz Eco-Friendly Car

BlueZero is the latest addition of the eco-friendly series cars by world renowned Mercedes-Benz. The main inspiration came from the idea of creating a vehicle that is affordable and eco-conscious, and can offer a multitude of platforms for daily use. Keeping the sandwich floor concept of Mercedes in mind, the structure of this concept car allows three different platforms to realize: first one is an E-Cell with battery, secondly E-Cell plus with gasoline and battery and the last one is an F-Cell with hydrogen. This concept allows the powertrain to be moved into the floor cells in the event of a front-end collision. This innovative is not only a great safety solution but also will help creating a universal platform.

From the design viewpoint, only the obligatory 3-pointed star placed in the center of the front grille has been seen common with other conventional Benz models. A sweeping curve is making the appearance of the car unique that begins right behind the front quarter and finishes up the beltline located near the back side of the car. This BlueZero concept is relying only on its existing architecture, practical thoughts and strong support from the confident customers.

From : Mercedes Benz

Touch Feely Navigation

Touch & Go is a navigation system for the blind folks to make them autonomous in the “outside world”. A combo of a hand gadget with earpiece, the system is a wearable navigator with a tactile display that shows the directions as a relief map. The scale used is 1:1000 and plum in the center of it is the user’s position. An arrow indicates the direction the user has to move in and auditory support is provided via the earphone (fitted with an ultrasonic transmitter-receiver). The main device fastens to the back of the hand, it’s quite convenient to carry it around.

Designer: Natalia Ponomareva

Sea Raider Futuristic Concept Boat

Sea Raider is a futuristic concept boat that is specially designed for the next millennium. This entertaining boat comprises a friendly finished design and is powered with both fuel and solar energy. The inspiration of this boat came from racing cars along with few boats and most amazingly, Jack Sparrow, the leading role of ‘Pirates of the Carabian’. The solar energy panel is placed on the roof to offer direct contact with sunlight and there is a small pool at backside of the boat where the passengers can hang out with some fun fishing or just seat back and relax.

Designer : Muhammad Imran

Saturday, September 12, 2009

IN Electronic Newspaper Concept

IN is an innovative newspaper concept that is based on a flexible display and comprises Wi-Fi technology for its operational efficiency. The screen is attached with a frame that shows current time and other related information into a LED display. The frame can be fitted in front of your bed with embedded, and the device will wake you up alarm at your desired time with an updated feed of news on its large, crystal clear LCD display. This IN Newspaper design has won Bronze award from IDEA

Designers: Seon-Keun Park & Byung-Min Woo

The Optimal Vision Color Contact Lens

Nowadays, wearing sunglasses is not just a fashionable step; it has become one kind of necessity for the projection of eyes from various harmful factors. But it can be quite difficult to wear sunglasses when you are playing rough sports like football and soccer. Imagine the soccer ball aiming straight for your eyes instead of the net. It sure is not the best day to show-off your new Armani shades. Crash, Bam and broken shards of designer glasses! Easy remedy anyone? Safer and wiser to use: The Optimal Vision Color Contact Lens that are NOT COSMETIC, but act like sunglasses. Shades of green, yellow, red and grey prim your eyes up and offer sunglasses protection without the risk of injury. Oh, n keep the volume low when you watch that video; I got nothing for torn eardrums right now!

Designers: Jin-young Yoon, Jun-kyo Lee & Young-ho Lee

No More Overspills Even If You Are Blind

Try this, blindfold yourself and pour a glass of water without spilling it over. Ok, make this tougher, fill in exactly ¾ th cup. Tough? Yeah, that’s how hard it is for the blind people to fill in mugs of beverages without spilling. Dipping the pinkie to anticipate the levels is ok for cold stuff, but what about scalding hot coffee! The Braun Bell Mug has 3 indicative levels on the handle and liquid-level sensors within the mug. The blind folks only need to choose their levels and keep pouring till the bell sounds.

Designers: Sang-hoon Lee and Yong-bum Lim

N1 Robot Table 2012

Wishful thinking for a home like the Disney Innovention is futile coz Neverland brought Michael only grief! It’s safer to sit on the fence and review similar concepts while hoping technology will sustain the efforts one day. For example, this N1 Robot Table 2012 (farfetched?) can give the kitchen table found in the Innoventions home a run for its money. It’s got stuff like touchscreen, built-in camera, internet connectivity, speed dial, music, recipes, screens, energy consumption meter, etc. The question is how many of us would want to just admire such concepts and how many would actually go out and buy something like this?

It’s got the promise of being The Central Hub of your home, but tell me, do you want multiple gadgets at home or would something all-in-one suffice for you?

I would love something all-in-one but I’d be weary of it all conking-off together! Imagine, phone, computer, net, TV all out-of-order at one go!

Designer: Doyeop Kim