Saturday, February 27, 2010

BRD Concept Car

This car is BRD Concept, which is designed by Beau Reid. It is a single seater, totally driver-centric for Formula One like driving. The designer submit ideas that aren’t  revolutionary but when they include descriptions that read like personal vendettas, I pay attention. For the racing enthusiast who wants to have the ultimate driving experience without all the extra room and the annoying girlfriend.

Via: Luanpa

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gesture Cube

No need to touch – just give it a wave!

Just wave your hand to access music, web, your family and friends.
You don´t even need to touch the surface.
Gesture Cube uses 3D spatial movement tracking to help transform navigating a device into a magical intuitive experience. The underlying GestIC® technology detects your hand´s approach and movements - your favorite apps and media all at a wave of your hand.

The Gesture Cube is not just technology for tech’s sake. It is thoughtfully designed and deeply rooted in a genuine understanding of consumers’ expectations and needs. We have explored the possibilities of 3D technology to craft a product experience that is so intuitive it‘s almost magical. Using natural gestures to control our electronics helps to draw them closer to our natural behaviour, making things easier and more fun. The result is an intelligent product concept with unlimited possibilities for enhancing daily life with effortless interaction. The Gesture Cube´s design is simple yet so beautiful it doubles as a sculptural icon in your living space.

GestIC® electric field sensing technology makes 3D spatial hand or finger movement tracking possible. GestIC® detects movements and distances in 3D space and provides the technical backbone for Gesture Cube´s 3D user interface. GestIC® enables touchfree three-dimensional gesture control on 2D screens from mobile phones, tablet PCs, picture frames and MP3 players all the way to 3D devices like Gesture Cube. Let Gesture Cube inspire you!

Source: Gesture Cube

Sunday, February 21, 2010

OXY Watch

Besides it’s sexy looks, what I like most about the OXY Watch is that it’s unisex. Routine specs like Time, Date, Calendar, and Alarm are included, but what makes it stand out is its gorgeous E-ink display. It’s been conceived in several versions with stainless steel and colored leather strap combos, encasing a monochrome display with mineral glass. XKALIA Typography has been used to display the numerics, which really goes well with the styling.

Designer: Adrian Castro

Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is just the 50 feet flybridge motor yacht that you need. That’s what I’m about to stand by. This lovemobile has three decks of elegance. Like the yacht I just wrote about a few days ago, this is another fabulous automotive-inspired boat machine from Motion Code Blue. It’s called the SENTORI 50 R in all caps, and it’s so very visually powerful. Believe it. It looks to be a coupe!

Gigantic windows in the greenhouse to actualize a melding of interior and exterior spaces. Large owners window in the hull for an excellent und unique view slightly above the water, shark fin level. Bar in back acts as skylight for salon underneath.

Minimalistic keyboard-like design for the steering console.

Sunbed and multifunctional dining area up in the back. Dining table ready for 8 can be raised for use or lowered for sun bathing area. Wet-bar, hot-plate, refrigerator with super awesome semi-transparent glass surface.

Length: 15.3 m
Beam: 5.0 m
Displacement: 18 t
Engines: 2 x 900 PS YANMAR
Maximum Speed: 40 knots.
Customer: albatross yachts and composite ltd, taiwan.
Available in 2010.

Designer: Motion Code Blue

Window Refrigerator

Let me let you in on a little quote from a comedian I know: “OK you stand here. I’ll get the camera, and I’ll take a picture of the inside of the fridge and get it developed. When I come back, I’ll tape it to the frige on the outside so you’ll know what’s in there, and then you can know what you want before you get in. How’s that.” – Bill Cosby (1982.) Little did Cosby know that only about 30 years later there’d be a real solution to this problem.

And here it is!

Using a system that employes clear glass, opaque glass, and a rotating container system inside, you’ll never have to sit with the fridge open for hours again. You can KNOW what is in there!

How, though, is that possible? Take a peek at the illustration in the first picture below. Molecules in polymer acted upon by electricity. See through! See? And not only that, the fridge is one long tube for easy turning on the inside. Just like your lunch when you worked on the docks. Then when you want what you see, you just open that particular level, allowing only the smallest amount of energy spent on cooling to be wasted in the process.

Designer: Yoon jung Kim and Jong rok Lee

Monday, February 15, 2010

Portable Printer

It was about time that someone came up with this, I mean we are in the portable era! Stick POP is a portable printer that can handle a small amount of load. You can’t overburden it with all your documents, just a small stash that you need pronto. Measuring 23 cm by 6 cm, it’s easy to fit it in your handbag. Just hook it up to your comp /device via USB and get printing! Oh, and an OLED screen on the bar displays the printing status.

Designers: Jihun Kang, Youngho Lee, Jieun Lee & Changsu Lee

Dandelion Lights

Ever had the urge to pick up some dandelions and blow away its wisps? I haven’t either, but looking at this wonderful Secret Of Light –Lamp, I wish I could find some dandelion in my backyard! The lamp works in this simple way, shake it gently to switch it on (motion sensors), and blow onto the bulbs to switch it off. Mimic how you would do with the dandelion, only less vigorously.

Designers: Qin Xue, Cao iXiaoxiao & Wei Hangshuai

Extreme Powersports Concept Vehicle

Inspired by various extreme vehicles around, the extreme powersports concept vehicle has been designed to make it a perfect recreational vehicle. The vehicle features excellent aesthetics that has been achieved by dune buggy chassis and comprises a 900cc engine to ensure smooth driving. The controls are designed like that of a Star Wars pod racer and allow the driver to position low to the ground to ensure more adrenaline concentrated ride. The wheels have been designed to replace with tracks by featuring a special type of suspensions which would be very much functional during rough winter season.

Designer : Mihai Hogea

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


That’s where most tablet-like designs guessing at the look and specs of what’s now revealed to be the iPad. But I say to you in great defiance: not this one! This one shall gather a bit of light still! It was conceived before that faithful unveiling day, and its ideas shall be carried on until fruition! I give to you this! The MacView, as designed by Patrycjusz Brzezinski, queller of the hoards of maddened Apple fans.

Let’s get to the specs of this MacView:

A thickness of just 7mm.
A 1152×720 LED touchscreen display.
Dimensions of 15 x 24 cm.
An additional SLIDE PANEL that can be used as a keyboard.
Light and sturdy outer carbon shell.
4GB of RAM.
Full OSX operating system.

And what is this? Is this something that’s invented for the iPad to rest in? Nay! It is invented by Brzezinski for the MacView! It’s a dock that makes the pad into a regular ol’ desktop computer. Mark my words you’ll be seeing these sorts of docks SOON on the secondary market once the iPad is actually on the market.

I don’t like to be quick to judge* *most of the time but I’m definitely for this design over the iPad at the moment. That extra sliding pad underneath would add loads of functionality, not to mention a bit more physical security for the whole device. But then again, all else aside – why again would I want to trade my old MacBook for one of these? The answer to that should be obvious, shouldn’t it?

Because it is NEW!

Designer: Patrycjusz Brzezinski

Lock Your Time

Look at this watch. It’s called “Lock Your Time.” It’s made as a metaphor for the perfect moment. One you wish you could lock down forever.

The lock portion of the watch is the hours, the outer rim is the minutes. Metal! Runs nice like a normal analog watch. Needs a battery though, this one doesn’t run on steam or magic.

Three different styles, all nice and clean.

Designer: Andy Kurovets

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Visual Mobile

Pratt student Suhyun Kim is quite concerned about the deaf folks and wants them to enjoy technology as much as we do. Her Visual Sound is a mobile phone for the hearing impaired that converts voice input to text and text input to voice. The design features two handy pillars that scroll sideways to expose the roll-out display. To communicate, the impaired person feeds in the text onto the touchscreen display, which gets converted to voice simulation for the person on the other end of the phone and vice versa.

The only drawback that I foresee is the time taken to input the text and converting it to sound. It may deter long distance calls, but on the flipside any form of communication is better than being mum!

Designer: Suhyun Kim

Ironing Kit

Since the chore is so dowdy and downright hateful, Designer Lisa T?pfer decided to make us a fun ironing kit that entices us to actually iron some clothes. I totally dig the foldable ironing mat that holds in the iron, when not in use. The main unit uses Lithium-Polymer-Battery-Technology offering the convenience of cordless ironing. A temperature sensor integrated into the iron makes the appliance work at a single setting that is multi-textile friendly. Like Lisa says, “Find a positive ironing experience with the ironing kit Feinraus.”

Designer: Lisa Toepfer

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The 2017 Alfa Romeo Executive Fastback Saloon

This car is a wild missile for heck. It’s the 2017 Alfa Romeo Executive Fastback Saloon. What a mouthful! What an eyeful, you’re about to witness. Designer Jacob McMurry’s whipped up this magic machine to compliment the Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione in Alfa Romeo’s return to the North American market.* In this project, inspiration’s drawn from Carnevale di Venezia, aka the Carnival of Venice.

*This project was done before the Fiat/Chrysler partnership.

All glass roof, smart glass panels. These smart panels have the ability to go all opaque or transparent. Helpful if you’re Batman, or if you’re Dexter Morgan. Lines drawn directly from Italy, drawing inspiration again from the 2900B Type 35 racers of the 1930’s.

Power plant: Diesel V8 with rear wheel drive, optional bio-diesel conversion.

**As for the title of this post: this car may look like a fancy club, all elegant and seductive, and it’s name is Saloon, but it’s just a car! You’d better be in your garage if you plan on drinking in it. Be safe!

Designer: Jacob Mcmurry

The Bio Alternative

As an alternative to the present variety in mobile phone batteries, Bio battery sounds like a plausible solution. It feeds off carbohydrates (sugar) and utilizes enzymes as the catalyst to generate electricity. With the promise of lasting three to four times longer on a single charge than conventional lithium batteries, investing in a can of coke (Sometimes Alcohol!) every now and then doesn’t seem to be a bad proposition. Add to this, water and oxygen as residue when the battery dies, makes the concept sweeter!

Designer: Daizi Zheng