Monday, September 27, 2010

Walnut Player for Music

You learn something new every single day. Today I learned a term for an action for which, before today, I did not know the name of. It’s “walnut rolling” and it applies to the spinning of two spherical objects in your hand. You’ve done it before, I’m sure. Designer YuKwang Kang took this action and turned it into an MP3 player. It’s the aptly named “Walnut Player” to the rescue! Spin me some music!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bentley “Jeckyll and Hyde”

When you’ve got a whole barrel full of money, that is, when you’re completely rich, you have the luxury of choosing your own ultra-fabulous car. And when you do, you want not only a beautiful interior and exterior, not only do you want a fabulously running car, you want it to say something! I don’t mean like knightrider, no, I mean you want it to be an expression of who YOU are. This is the Bentley “Jeckyll and Hyde.”

Be you evil? Be you nice? Be you a monster? Be you a professor of speed?

Designer Bora Kim didn’t just want one car. Thustly, there are two. This Jeckyll and Hyde concept goes along the lines of what Kim predicts will be the next wave of high-class cars – “Eco Luxury.” That being conscious of how what you’re purchasing is effecting the environment you’re going to drive it in. It’s just smart, yes?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New 70 Feet Yacht

If you like your party to be big and loud, this is the perfect place to hold one. Having a yacht as a party place, gives you the opportunity to party non-stop, without having the police on your doorstep and everyone “making like a banana and split” part.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nokia Kinetic

It’s not a hot-blonde-Sony or gorgeous Apples, but plain simple laws of physics that causes this Nokia to get an erection! The physical kind! I mean the Kinetic kind! The concept is this, for every incoming call, text, email or alarm, the phone gets super excited and gets…standing tall! Yup the brief was to make the phone as playful as possible…as if a vibration mode was not enough! And if it’s not the right person calling or the alarm too soon…simply tap the phone back to deflate the …erection! Umm…cold shower won’t do!

Friday, September 3, 2010

ARC Multi-Purpose Chopper

If you compared the appearance of ARC multi-purpose chopper with US military gunship Apache AH 64, you surely would consider it as an even powerful flying war machine featuring latest weapon technology that can fire laser bombs or maybe something more advanced than that. ARC is a rescue chopper that has been specially designed for the Universal Military Service Corp UMSC, an elite force of the future, to operate rough terrain rescue missions.