Wednesday, October 27, 2010

01 GIANT Canon Video Projector

Described by its creator as a large colorful bird which under its soft and sensual lines hides a treasure of technology – this is the “01 GIANT” Canon video projector. Designed by Jerome Olivet, this elegant beast is designed right beside a touch sensor remote called the “Racer” and a touch pad called “Stone,” both for Orange TV. You’ll see the similarities in the sculpted aesthetics immediately. One finds that when a fantastic look is acquired, one uses it in little ways throughout ones life.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sony Eclipse

Eclipse is a media player that uses the photovoltaic cells on its backside to draw in solar power and sticks onto the window via a suction cup. As expected of any “good media player”, this one too features Bluetooth connectivity to steam in music from your MP3 player or catch weather updates, podcasts & radio.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

External Refrigerator From Electrolux

It’s interesting to so how cultural practices can trigger off inspiration to design a product that can be an extension of the same. For instance in India we usually keep pickles on our window sill, to marinate and cook them in the natural heat. Whereas in China, because of their cold conditions, food is kept outside the window to preserve it, plus it frees up the kitchen space.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

EKON- Futuristic Interactive City Coupe 2+2

EKON lights up to welcome you, literally! This interactive city coupe 2+2 is designed with electro chromatic glass that changes its opacity from tinted to clear by pressing a remote control or fingerprint reader behind the glazing above the doors. Thomas Pinel, the designer of this car was inspired by organic forms when he designed the interior, you can tell from leaves shaped OLED screens on the instrument panel. He also says that the seat covers are made of green fabric, aluminum for switches and steering wheel.

MAS Yacht 36

The famous quote ‘Size doesn’t matter for chopping wood’ of Jerry from ‘Mother in Manville’ suddenly came to my mind while checking out the images of MAS Yacht 36. This tiny powerboat, with a shape and size of a conventional speedboat, which was actually inspired by combining the mid 20th century car lines with the yard’s first “MAS28E”, features enough space and facilities inside to spend a long weekend with a lot of pleasurable activities in the middle of the sea.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Car of Light

This car goes by the name “The Car of Light,” which, as I’m sure you’re about to see, means more than just a pretty shininess. This vehicle’s creation process began with a dissertation experienced by the designer on the effects of light on human’s senses and how it affects the shape of objects, especially vehicles. Heavy subject matter! And how elegant a car it doth create in the end.

In the process of creating this car, designer Jong Won Lee discussed with himself and others how interesting it is that humans, as a species, seem to adapt to industry development in how the light directs the eye. There is a visual wealth in light, he finds, and in this new age of low-power-usage with high-brightness, why not indulge? Light em up!

Monday, October 4, 2010

HTC 1 Mobile

AKA how simple can you design a mobile phone? Pretty darn simple. Designer Andrew Kim had a qualm with the HTC group, that being the fact that there’s no real perfectly simple way to differentiate between lots of “lower-end” phones and “premium models”, especially in the HTC line. So what’s he do? He simplifies. Don’t you see, everyone, we’re in the age of simplicity! The age of graphic design perfection, where the Bauhaus school of design handed us down the square shapes, so perfect in proportions that it took us 50 years to accept it! Here’s the “HTC 1.”