Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Obsession

About Aphrodite Collection:
The Obsession collection was first inspired by Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, lust & beauty.
Obsession marvelled in her infinite qualities. From that moment, it was certain that the first collection would be sculpted & touched with the beauty of her name.

Like a sheer work of art, each individual phone is sculpted and crafted by hand.
The unique and distinct marking of the phone casing is created using state of the art precision laser technology.
To put simply, Obsession mobile engineers work painstakingly hard to create a handset which is visually and naturally stunning in every sense. This skill in itself can take a lifetime to achieve.

Elegance, Poise, and purposeful stance are achieved throughout. Intense Attraction is inevitable & a singular feature within.

Aphrodite Collection Construction:
The phone sits quietly inside a cow leather hide, hand stitched compartment.
A handmade Crocodile skin briefcase with reinforced combination lock & velvet interior acts as a chamber for the entire unit - in fact this collection is the only one in the world to offer such sophisticated housing for a phone. The soft velvet interior creates a beautiful ambience for this timeless collection.

Each piece in the collection is available in either 18 karat white & 24 karat yellow silk gold plated casing.
The phone encrusted with 2.1ct cultured diamonds which meander around the entire phone. Each has been carefully set by hand. Each can cut glass with ease.

The phone screen is built using a reinforced Sapphire Crystal Glass exterior - It wears harder than normal glass and provides a better protection layer against scratches/blemishes. Pure Sapphire boules are sliced in to wafers and polished to form transparent layers.

A "Buttery" Soft feel of the phone is achieved using supple, hand stitched Full Grain Leather.
The natural Full-Grain surface will wear better than other leather. Rather than wearing out, it will develop a natural "Patina" and grow more beautiful over time. The leather itself remains in its most natural state, which gives the phone a deeper classic touch & aura.

The leather is hand moulded and stretched to "blanket" the back of the phone and carefully hand stitched with the aid of high precision microscopes.
The keypad itself is also a work of art, it is separated using gold section layers. A reinforced Aphrodite Collection card in 18k white/24k yellow gold is laser etched and accommodates the collection

Aphrodite Collection Features:
* Sapphire Crystal Glass LCD screen 2"
* HD colour resolution
* 2 Megapixel integrated digital camera
* PC Synchronisation via USB/USB connectivity
* MMS (multimedia message service)
* EAT (Enhanced Acoustics Technology)
* Multi Lingual
* Dual Sim card technology - allows the use of 2 different sim cards remaining active on the phone at the same time & during conversations.
* Unique Ocean Blue Floodlit keypad. The Keypad also uses a patented "soft key" technology which allows effortless key strokes
* External Memory - T-Flash Card
* Handsfree facility
* MP3
* MP4
* Calculator
* World Time
* To Do List
* Unit Converter
* Standby - 120hrs
* Talk time - 5 hours

* Travel charger
* Dimensions: 110*47*18mm
* Operating Frequency: Dual band GSM 900/1800 - O2 / 3 Networks not supported
* Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, New Zealand and Australia

The Obsession Aphrodite collection accommodates the following languages:

* English
* Français
* Deutsch
* Türkçe
* Espa?ol
* Italiano
* Português
* Bahasa Indonesia

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