Thursday, May 14, 2009

Evolutional Mobile Entertainment

The innovative EME designed by genius Shao Wei Huang makes the initiative approach by providing video, gaming and music in a mobile device. The dual screen set of connections can be used in tandem according to the best way to the functions is being used. Smartly the other sleeks out its underneath. It also displays the fundamental functions such as contacts, photos, SMS etc. The second screen let you access secondary data. But if you turn the whole device sideways it turns into a portable gaming gadget that gives you the advantage to mimic any control scheme through the touch screen facility.

The “evolutional” aspect comes from the EME’s ability to expand its feature set if the user shares his/her experiences with other EMEs. That could be in the form of videos, music, or games. By doing so, bigger speakers would unlock and slide out, the screen may even become higher-res. The idea is to encourage the device’s evolution by exposing it to as many experiences as possible.

Designer : Shao Wei Huang

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