Thursday, July 1, 2010

Projectors Galore

Projectors, projectors, here and there, projectors, projectors, projecting on everywhere. According to Gareth Marples, the first conceptual drawing of a projector was done in 1420 by Johannes de Fontana: a drawing of a monk with a lamp projecting a vision of a devil holding a lance.

Truly a lovely first ideation it was. In this post we use two brand new concept projectors, top prize winners at a recent Philips design competition, to open the door to Yanko’s full collection of projector concepts.

These first two concepts are called the “Sail” and the “Spy Box,” both by Marek Wenglorz. They are both very similar, one sitting on it’s side, the other sitting upright, both rather tame examples of projectors compared to the rest of Yanko’s wild-eyed designers design concepts. Collect them all!

Designer: Various

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