Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Optimal Vision Color Contact Lens

Nowadays, wearing sunglasses is not just a fashionable step; it has become one kind of necessity for the projection of eyes from various harmful factors. But it can be quite difficult to wear sunglasses when you are playing rough sports like football and soccer. Imagine the soccer ball aiming straight for your eyes instead of the net. It sure is not the best day to show-off your new Armani shades. Crash, Bam and broken shards of designer glasses! Easy remedy anyone? Safer and wiser to use: The Optimal Vision Color Contact Lens that are NOT COSMETIC, but act like sunglasses. Shades of green, yellow, red and grey prim your eyes up and offer sunglasses protection without the risk of injury. Oh, n keep the volume low when you watch that video; I got nothing for torn eardrums right now!

Designers: Jin-young Yoon, Jun-kyo Lee & Young-ho Lee

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