Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MYtho Concept Car

Mytho is an innovative and interesting private and public transportation idea focused on creating a better urban commuting for future. The design of this car is inspired mainly by all the iconic and traditional figures of SF. The very “American” design has a perfect touch of elegance and sophistication with a deep black and shiny silver color combination and a unique appearance from both front and rear end. The lightweight construction of Mytho has been achieved through using recyclable materials. The car features modern technologies like GPS and high speed internet connectivity that ensures the rider a safer and more convenient driving experience in new places.

Victor says about Mytho :

The MYtho, is a concept car designed to be simple, but at the same time sophisticated. With inspiration from vintage cars, like the woodies, i was able to find a sustainable design solution for the side panels, which are made of compressed wood also the whole body is made of aluminum, in order to be recyclable.

The “tech” factor is in it’s OLED displays, build-in solar cells, and HUD display’s for the driver.

The form of the car is very simple, like the hot rods from the 30’s. The open wheel design, the huge front grill, and the low profile of the car, are just some indicators of this.

Designer : Victor Uribe Chacon

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