Sunday, August 15, 2010

"LT Brush" an Innovative Blackboard Eraser

Just imagine, as soon as the teacher finished writing his or her lecture on the chalkboard, a little rumble begun on the class since all the students want to slide their personal blackboard eraser on the board at a time. A weird and funny scenario, right?

LT Brush is an innovative blackboard eraser that can capture the writings from the board instead of omitting them. It features camera and recording pen to scan what has been put on the chalkboard and store into the device for further playbacks. This concept will be very much helpful for the students to concentrate onthe teacher’s lecture which often gets interrupted by focusing on taking notes that the teacher writes on the board. Moreover, this can give a modern touch into the classroom which is very much essential in the future digital era.

Designer : Lu Yin

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