Monday, December 13, 2010

On Time Headset

ON TIME Sound headset system is a project that looks into the future of trends and style. It redesigns the concept of headsets, placing it as a fashionable design object.

It works as an headset or as a clock-bracelet developing a strong interface experience with the user trough it´s aesthetic & functional values. When using the headset, the user can see the caller id on the touchscreen as well as the time clock. While not in use the locking area for the headset provides a easy and safe storage area.

The bracelet vibrates for a silent warning of calls. Both screens are interactive allowing to answer and make calls. The overall system works on bluetooth technology.

Headset as a bracelet clock

Headset plugged out / Inner touch screen showing callers ID when receiving calls / Touchscreen allows to reject and answer calls

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