Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clover Never Gets Over

Redundant is one word that Clover does not comprehend. You can customize this “eco-sensitive” mobile phone with four different module interfaces that keeps it upgraded with the latest in technology. The modules being vision, location, sound and sensor, cater to your needs and can be added to the phone by developers or independently. The eco-friendly stamp of approval comes from the recycled materials that it is made of. It’s been designed in collaboration with Samsung Corp Milano.

The back of the phone hosts a PLCD which transforms from opaque to transparent depending upon the intensity of the juice levels. A graphical interface pops up to give you some quick stats on various things like the music you’re listening to or your location.

To enhance the performance of the phone, it can take on two more add-ons. The LCD add-on can be combined with each module and can work independent from the phone. The second add-on is an electronic sensor that helps you monitor your energy consumption.

Designers: Jin Woo Han, Arim Kim & Faten B.

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