Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Nilko “IMO” concept coffee maker

The Nilko “IMO” concept coffee maker by Alisson Wilson Str?her is an arm wrestling robot. Or, if that were a feature, it would be complete. As it stands, it’s compact (folds small,) folds out to many heights for tall or short containers, and holds enough water for lots of coffee. The water reservoir brews three average-sized packets of coffee. Simple, nice, orangy!

This design was sent to us by the designer, Alisson Wilson Str?her direct. It’s also been posted today on several other sites which each give their own unique view of the product. As the singular coffee maker fuels the design community, the design community appreciates the coffee maker: Coroflot, Trends Updates, The Design Blog, and Gizmodo.

Too hot, too hot, too hot to hold ya.

Designer: Alisson Wilson Str?her

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