Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lamborbiker Version II

Still remember with Lamborbiker ? Now, Flavio Adriani has come up with Lamborbiker version II which is still a unique bike concept which has been differentiated from other conventional bikes through its hub-less wheel design. The concept was inspired from the Ferrucio Lamborghini designed by Nicola Tesla which includes an electric engine to contribute with the environment. Both the rear and front wheel is rimless and uniquely designed to enhance the performance of the bike. The exhaust pipes are placed under the seat for better space management. The design doesn’t contain any speedometer and the handles have been placed below the standard height of a conventional bike. All together, the bike has it all to serve as a future superbike.

Designer : Flavio Adriani


  1. Unique vehicle. But still can not imagine how it can run gently with the wheel axle is not in the middle position.

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