Friday, April 16, 2010

Super Hatchback Concept Car

The SHC is a futuristic car concept that features style and aerodynamics to illustrate a clear picture of the high-performance future transportation. The selection of materials and applications has helped it to achieve the ideal weight distribution which resulted to a fast, carefully directed and cutting-edge car design.

Featured with three powertrain alternatives including a hybrid/electric option, the car has achieved the credentials of being a sports car, while being completely eco-friendly. The chassis has been made with high tensile steel and aluminum, making the car lightweight and improved handling has been ensured with aluminum suspensions that reduces unsprung mass. The air-streamed front and rear window combines hydrophobic and super-fast screen heating technology that eliminates the requirement of wipers or washers and high-intensity LED has been used on the headlights, rear lights and lower fog lights for a clear view.

PROJECTED SPECIFICATIONS (Air-Hybrid powertrain)….

- BHP @ RPM: 272 @ 5500 – 6500
- TORQUE (Lb/Ft) @ RPM: 290 @ 1750 – 5500
- WEIGHT (KG): 1280
- POWER TO WEIGHT (bhp/tonne): 212
- TORQUE TO WEIGHT (Lb/Ft / tonne): 226
- SPECIFIC OUTPUT (bhp/litre): 160
- 0-62mph: 5.6
- 0-100mph: 13.3
- Top Speed (mph): 167
- MPG (combined): 52
- CO2 (g/km): 115
- LENGTH (cm): 4014
- WIDTH (cm): 1924
- HEIGHT (cm): 1358
- WHEELBASE (cm): 2602
- PRICE: £27,000 (2014)

Designer : Jamie Martin

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