Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lamborghini Yacht

Lamborghini yacht is a conceptual yacht design proposal for Lamborghini inspired by Lamborghini transportation collection with all the elegance of their car or motorcycle range.

To align the design of the yacht with the Lamborghini cars, it contains a huge window in place of the mostly accentuated air intakes of the cars. Aside from illuminating the interiors, this single element can optically divide the yacht’s side view into two parts that makes it recognizable as a Lamborghini from afar. The use of carbon material and fiver Kevlar, the weight has been reduced up to desired level and the different motors ensure low power consumption and high performance indeed.

Designer : Mauro Lecchi

More info from the designer :

Open 50 foot monohull Sports

Hull length 15 m

Hull width 4 m

Height 3.8 m


2x (3x) 550 hp v 12 – 60 ° Lamborghini petrol

(2×700 hp Volvo Penta IPS 900 diesel and 2×950 hp diesel Seatek)

The cockpit offers a pair of exterior deck aft, double sofa, bar and entertainment center.

Large windows and sky filtered window (opening).

The guide is raised and central.

The access to the hospitable and protected lounge on the foredeck is guaranteed by a step to the side of the guide through an opening in the large windshield.

Opposite the passage below decks.

The interior layout includes a full beam owner room with bath and separate shower, guest bedroom with bathroom in the bow.


  1. Great yacht. I saw it on Discovery Channel. It is really expensive but if you have money just buy it. It will worth all the pennies. I really love your blog, It has great appearance. If you are interested in more TECH GOSSIPS check it out, you will find here interesting stuff. Thanks.

  2. As much as I like the design of this yacht, as much as I enjoy the thought of twin 950hp Seatek diesels, etc, etc.... When I see overly opulent, in-your-face type objectssuch as this yacht, I cant help but think of skin-and-bones children, too weak to even hardly move, starving to death on dirt floors somewhere. And when I look at objects such as Lecchi's upcoming mega-toy, I cant help but feel saddened. Im sure he has worked hard for his money, but... I dunno, there are just so many people in this world that cant even eat, and then you have that thing. sigh There, my softer side has spoken. LOL Carry on!
    Lamborghini Yacht

  3. I can not help but think of the skin and bones of children, too small even hardly move, die of hunger in the dirt somewhere.
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