Thursday, June 3, 2010

Monami- Laptop`s Friendly Device

Allow me to introduce to you Monami, French for ‘my friend’; but here a project by the versatile Andrew Seunghyun Kim. The Monami set consists of Lacie’s pet: an external hard drive, an intuitive mouse and a mighty USB Stick…all packed into this desk-friendly device. The beauty about this project is that it’s quite do-able and simple. Jump ahead for the details.

Hard On Memory
The 2TB External Hard Disk Drive is neatly packaged under a leather hood. This is probably to add a bit of masculinity to the prop, but that’s my opinion entirely. A quick glance assures you of 4 USB Ports (1 easy access on the top + 3 on the side) and a 3” widerange speaker that enhances the laptop’s audio.

Mousing Around

The mouse boasts of a mirror finish but has some interesting features. For example if you miss the pinch and scroll action ala iPhone; you get to do the same here! Flip the mouse around, and the acceleration sensor kicks into play, turning the mouse into a remote control.

USB Power

A 16GB Memory Stick is what the design proposes. Not bad, but I’m sure it can do better than looking like a knob or a stub!

Designer: Andrew Seunghyun Kim

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