Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nissan NUVU concept car

Imagine yourself in a FernGully-like leaf vehicle, chairs enough for you, your betrothed, and a single animal friend. This is almost exactly what you’ve got here in the Nissan NUVU concept car. … I mean if you close your eyes and imagine, of course. In reality, the outsides of this car, along with the insides to much greater extent, are uniquely elemental to a degree that will make you think you drove right out of elvendom on Earth.

First, the outside. Looks a lot like a Smart car. The big difference being the nearly-totally transparent top. The wheels are pretty much standard, but then again, look at the doorknobs. They are flowers! Take a look inside at the steering wheel for a closer look at what the flowers do.

Inside we’ve got a little tree-house, basically. The roof is held up by a branch in the center, the lines from top to bottom: organic. Three sears and a shelf space. Massive utilization of the space.

Designer: Creative Box

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