Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Electric Bike + Laptop + Phone

Electric Bike + Laptop + Phone

The Amur Leopard. Ryan McGinley’s solution to all of the modern Beijing resident’s electric bicycle needs. So you ride an electric bike all the time, right? You know it’s kinda basically difficult to transport anything other than yourself. What this little thang has is a spot for your laptop case under the seat. Not only that, it’s got a built-in navigational/communication device for you drive n text n crashers.

The spot under the seat is big enough to fit up to a suitcase down to a laptop case. Don’t put cats in there though, there’s no air holes.

The map device is basically the same as a smart-phone, but it’s built into the bike. Email, internet, and maps. Fashionable.

Designer: Ryan McGinley

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