Thursday, July 9, 2009

Take a Cell-Phone Swig!

You can’t get too tipsy on this: the Cheers personal mobile device. It’s powered by an efficient, maybe even energy-saving Alcohol-cell. Looks mighty like a container of the whisky, doesn’t it? Well it’s at least half as fun! What a mighty little device this fellow is! That cap on top of the device not only locks the cell inside, it’s a function switch as well. Kind of like a wheel if you will. Do you party?

Party here. Right on this lovely device. Although I’ll never be a fan of objects that require more and more batteries, more and more things to plug in, I’d say this is certainly a beautiful solution. Or at least beautiful. What say you alcohol aficionados? How well do you think it’ll play out if it’s produced? Is it green?


Designer: Tryi Yeh

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