Monday, August 24, 2009

Bowler Raptor 4WD Vehicle

Raptor is an extreme all-terrain vehicle designed for the British brand Bowler, features unique exposed chassis, a whole electric drivetrain and minimal bodywork to run up to 130mph and was inspired by the vehicles that compete in the Baja and Dakar rallies. Although the design contains the elements of a traditional four-wheel drive vehicle, it also incorporates echo-conscious materials and modern-day technology to create an exceptional off-road buggy.

The angular bodywork of this vehicle takes inspiration from both superbikes and modern architecture which results this unique vehicle, from both in aesthetic aspects and highly functional body panel mechanism. The body panels are independently attached onto the vehicle with hex-head bolts and can be replaced easily when damaged. The tires were designed to form a contrast by combining digital technology and dune buggy paddle tires, and both the alloys and tires are interlocked to create a strong image.

Raptor is based on an exposed carbon fiber chassis that provides closer sense of speed to the occupants, whilst providing comprehensive safety. The cantilever roof offers an unrivalled view from the front seat, giving a close panoramic view of the landscape. The vehicle is powered by Lithium-Titanate batteries that can be recharged through a standard wall socket or dedicated high powered outlets. It features unique “hot-swap” battery system that allows the user to replace the batteries easily and quickly.

Designer : Ryan Skelley

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