Thursday, August 27, 2009

Futuristic EPINE Concept Car

Epine concept car derived from a project to create a hybrid eco-friendly vehicle that is able to provide a racing track experience to its occupants while at the same time offering a new way of being in touch with the nature. The minimalist design of this car gets inspiration from racing vehicles – Formula One cars and motorcycles – and comprises a whale skeleton as a token of natural element. The major technical feature of this car is the Epine system that allows a complete seating arrangement by adopting the drive-by-wire technology to run the steering system.

The storage compartment is located in the front and the powerplant is at the rear side of the car. Michelin Tweel concept which actually is airless wheels has been used in the suspension system of this car and is housed within the wheel itself. The structure and the materials of the wheel spokes allows to compress and decompress, offering a collection of motions. The total length of the compact car is 4,260mm, width 1,882mm and height 1153mm.

Designer : Daniel Schumpert

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