Monday, August 3, 2009

“Nebula”future car

That’s what’s going on with this future car, future AMERICAN car I should say, by designer Colin Pan; long, wide, and fat. Aiming to emphasize the richness of the American automotive design legacy, the “Nebula” is bigtime. Enlarged wheels to reduce vibration and improve fuel efficiency, trunk in the front, and LCD viewscreens along the interior. Works like a starship, runs smooth like one too.

Future starships, I mean, of course. Not the bumpy shuttles we’re still tin-canned in this day in age. The Nebula has what’s very obviously a low, wide windshield. Low visibility right? To make up for the aesthetic choice on the outside, the cabin of the car is surrounded by LCD augmented-reality screens.

Technology aimed directly at making aesthetic coolness safe for use. If this becomes the trend, crazed whacko* automotive concept designers may feel feel to rejoice!

*What I mean of course is genius, brilliant!

Designer: Colin Pan

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