Saturday, May 22, 2010

This flexible OLED monitor concept

This flexible OLED monitor concept which supposes the OLED material would roll up inside the white stand and allow the user to choose the optimum screen size. Supposing that the material More Vacuous Crap From ole’ Mac could compact itself that tightly, he goes on and mounts a cd drive behind the translucent screen and for good measure throws some invisible projection technology in as well.

I don’t mean to be overly harsh on Mac, but the nature of design is deriving realistic solutions from the hard fast constraints that exist. Without heeding the problems of design, it ceases to be relevant.

UPDATE: I suppose I should have expected reactions like this and I’m glad such a discourse has a place here at YD. I do want to clarify my position slightly as I do not want to seem dismissive of the great work that is featured here on a daily basis. Concepts are a great part of the design process as they allow you to selectively hurdle one or two constraints for the purpose of creative exploration (lord knows all I have ever done have been concepts). So I hope the dreamers out there will continue to dream and give us your beautiful, fantastic, incredible inventions.

Designer: Mac Funamizu


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  2. This can be the next generation of visual displays. As of now, I am aware of the flexible e-book reader from LG. Surely this can be done on computer screens as well as TVs but this will be expensive for sure.