Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monitor Plus Printer Concept

The Prinitor amalgamates a thin LCD monitor along with a fully operational printer to make it space-effective and at the same time, the concept is pretty much unique from aesthetic and functional aspect.

The monitor features three touch buttons with different color and symbol for different tasks. Additionally, it contains a photo control button that allows even the non-graphic professionals to calibrate the image easily. Another innovative feature of the concept is the ability to print the face automatically which is looking at it. The backside houses the paper insert hole, printer toner and the printing hole, keeping them hidden from the front to make the product even more alluring.

Designer : Dong Min Park


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  2. What? A monitor and printer combo?? The design and concept are REALLY cool, but I have to wonder what would happen in the event of a paper jam, or how much it would cost to fix the printer if it broke (being inside the monitor and all.) Hmm...