Friday, May 7, 2010

Hornet - Concept of One-Wheeled Bike

The concept of one-wheeled the super-flannelette by the name Of hornet presented designer To [layam] Ferguson (Liam Of ferguson).

Machine is set in motion by two built-in the bevel gear electromotors on the [gidrogennykh] fuel cells Of neodymium-Iron (Nd- Fe). Total power is equivalent to 74 horsepower.

Total weight of structure - 176 kg. the declared the author maximum speed - 235 km/h.

In the state of rest the stability of machine in the vertical position is supported with the aid of the gyroscopes, and also with the aid of two small auxiliary small wheels. With the acceleration the small wheels win back their role and depart to air, and further apparatus moves on one wheel.

Concept is stuffed by any electronics, and its basic working principle is analogous so that it was used with the creation of popular [giroskopnogo] transportation means about two wheels - Segway.

What further author thinks to make with his development - thus far it is unknown.

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