Saturday, May 15, 2010

Agro E.Sustentable Wind Generator

The Agro E.Sustentable concept wind generator aims to ease and optimize the installation and transportation procedure, making it convenient and time-saving for the agricultural workers. The generator  has been designed as a great system of producing and accumulating of wind energy that distinctively makes it self-supporting.

The trailer holds the batteries and the generator along with its retractable tower and also acts as the base when it is working. The tower remains folded in 4 sections and is raised through a chain pulley system that can automatically raise the 3 parts after lifting the first section manually. The blades of the generator have been designed to be folded when not in use, which allows minimizing the storage space. The linking elements are relatively simple and are large parts that ensure durability and provide confidence to the operator.

Designer : Gabriel Contino, Camila Fajgelbaum and Mar?a Montes de Oca


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